Extracting valuable and geological materials from the earth is big business; it’s also a very complex business, with numerous cross-overs and interdependencies.  The mining industry has its fair share of challenges, including uncertainty around prices and scarce resources. Significant challenges relating to health and safety, access to energy, and its environmental impact mean that recruiting for this industry can be a real “mine field.”

That’s where our expertise can make all the difference. We have the skills and experience to help build a workforce tailored to meet your unique requirements, and our consultants have the knowledge and experience needed to create the bespoke workforce solutions that you need. With over 10 years’ experience, you can be assured that we will take the time to understand your requirements and introduce you to the best candidates.

In such a complex industry, you can trust Akton to expertly manage your recruitment needs and to allow you to focus on your core business. Our friendly and flexible approach to staffing solutions helps our clients to meet these challenges head-on.

We provide specialist recruitment expertise in the following industry areas:

Central services mining careers

Our consultants are experienced in recruiting for roles within open surface, underground, in-situ and placer environments. Each of these methods requires different skills, experience and knowledge, with jobs and positions varying for each. We have strong industry links and our experienced consultants can react quickly when you’re looking for candidates to strengthen your team.

Executive & board level

Recruiting business leaders with the experience to lead a mining organisation from top is no mean feat. Based upon an in-depth understanding of your business, we ensure that we only introduce candidates who match the culture and ethos of your business.

Project management & services

Requirements for project managers can vary greatly. By nature, these candidates need to be flexible and adaptable in both their skill-set and also their personal approach. We’re experts at finding candidates with experience in forecasting and tracking, determining priorities, managing resources, promoting efficiency and minimising common mining issues.

Geosciences & environmental

Candidates with experience in environmental geoscience (the practical application of geological principles in order to solve environmental problems) are very hard to come by. Our consultants have strong industry links and are experienced in finding high-calibre candidates within the key area of geoscience, in addition to geochemistry, geoecology and geohazards.

Health & safety

Health & safety is a major challenge for the mining industry. The changing nature of mining has seen new hazards (such as an increased risk of collapse and fluctuating mine temperatures) joining the established more traditional issues (such as damage
to hearing and coal dust inhalation). We can help you to source the very best candidates to manage your Health & Safety requirements.

Mine management and operations

Ensuring the safe and efficient development of mines and managers, operators will also oversee a variety of other surface and underground operations. We understand this role often requires management skills and technical knowledge as well as an understanding of the impact of these structures on the surrounding environment. Our flexibility and experience are key strengths that help our clients to meet constantly changing needs.

Technical services

Monitoring every step in the mining process – from drilling to generating block models – is crucial, which is why mining technicians are often qualified in a number of key areas, including planning, scheduling, quality control and reconciliation. Our consultants are able to quickly understand the skills that are relevant to each role.

Process & metallurgy

A sub-division of materials science and engineering, metallurgy is used to separate metals from their ore and refining them into a purer form. If you’re looking for the perfect candidate for a metallurgy position, our team are ready and able to help.

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