Social Work

Creating a strong and skilled team within a highly regulated and specialised industry can be a real challenge and also a costly distraction.
Our expertise could make all the difference. We have the skills and experience to help build a workforce tailored to meet your unique requirements, and our consultants have the knowledge and experience needed to create the bespoke workforce solutions that you need. With over 10 years’ experience, you can be assured that we will take the time to understand your requirements and introduce you to the best candidates.

In such a challenging industry, you can trust Akton to expertly manage your recruitment needs and to allow you to focus on your core business.


We provide specialist recruitment solutions in the following areas:


Qualified and unqualified social work

Social workers are the backbone of a strong team, and newly qualified/unqualified social work professionals are equally as important to create flexibility and ensure future strength within your workforce. We follow a rigorous process to ensure only the best candidates are successful.


Childrens’ services

Family support workers provide a more regularly relied upon support system. We enjoy ongoing success in placing for roles whereby a candidate’s skills and personality are of equal importance in order to meet the needs of struggling families who require long-term support.

Adult services

Challenges within the mental health sector are very well-documented. Our friendly and flexible approach to staffing solutions helps our clients to meet these challenges head-on.

Local authorities

We understand that local authorities must ensure that their roles are fully integrated with other social work jobs. Akton have a wealth of experience in balancing the conflicting agendas that can often become evident.


Placements in the voluntary sector play an important part in tackling the challenges facing the social work industry, with staff working closely alongside other public sector workers. Our flexibility in providing staff is integral in helping local authorities meet constantly changing needs.

NHS trusts

NHS trusts are on the front-line of social work services, interacting daily with clients who need help accessing services. Contract recruitment is helping those in NHS jobs work with support workers to ensure clients are accessing the best services available to them. Our flexibility in providing staff is a key strength which supports NHS trusts needing to meet constantly changing needs.


Private sector

Contract recruitment is often relied upon to fill specialist roles in the private sector. These contracts are a flexible way to meet the complex and varying challenges of specific areas in social work. With a dedicated team of contract consultants, we have the knowledge and experience to react quickly to staffing requirements.


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