Cil Collection Officer

Full Time
Salary: £34.00 - £35.00 per hour
Location: Morden, London
Sectors:Housing & Local Authority

Cil Collection Officer


Job Role

To implement the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charge in Merton and for the Mayor of London, currently worth more than £2million per annum in order to enable the delivery of infrastructure required to support growth in London.

To do this by accurately and efficiently calculating, recording, collecting, monitoring and reporting of community infrastructure levy liabilities and revenue and section 106 financial obligations.

On a daily basis to provide accurate and easy-to-understand written and oral advice to customers regarding the complex and sometimes controversial financial liability of development to CIL. Advice must be fit-for-purpose for technical audiences such as development management colleagues, planning agents, developers, lawyers and for non-technical audiences such as individual homeowners and other internal teams (Land Charges, Finance, Audit, Communications, Debt Recovery etc)

Key Responsibilities

To accurately calculate, record, collect, monitor and report CIL liabilities and revenue and (when required) S106 financial and non-financial obligations, using specialist processes and specialist IT software (currently Exacom).

To communicate daily with applicants, developers, their lawyers and other consultants and corporate colleagues in order to resolve problems, e.g. explaining site-specific options for phased payments, indexation, additional liabilities etc.

To be responsible for issuing all statutory notifications for financial liabilities on every CIL-liable case for the correct amount to the correct landowner within legally defined timescales.

To ensure the efficient and effective collection of CIL by conducting investigations of council planning, building control, council tax and business rates records, by undertaking site visits or by requesting information from customers in connection with establishing CIL liabilities, relief claims, appeals, and establishing whether or when payments are or became due.